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Future home standard smart socket switch exclusive analysis

Have a decoration experience of a friend, must know the hidden engineering significance, after all know on household appliances, furniture can be directly through the brand or the actual work saw one or two elements, while the circuit under the floor, walls after the line is the core measure of the quality of the entire decoration, choose socket switch reassuring, common is the cognition of all the people, after all, this kind of inferior products directly related to the safe use of electricity, but also directly pose a threat to life.
I believe there are a number of friends have heard of smart socket products, but how many people have experienced this kind of new intelligent hardware gadgets that I’m afraid to call into question, some people say that it can act as a router, also some people say that it can be directly to the mobile phone charging, indeed, a smart socket switch have the function, but can really fully understand this class belongs to the future of the Internet of things era, is still scanty, today we will analysis of intelligent products in this category have a depth.
Smart sockets, as long as you dare to imagine
Smart socket is WIFI socket we usually hear, this type of socket is different from the traditional household socket or a wiring board, its greatest significance lies in the use of the family in WIFI network, including mobile phone, tablet and other intelligent devices through the APP in the network environment, household appliances free switch is designated, compared in the past long circuit, can greatly enhance the safety, ensure the safety of his family, in addition to control such as water heater, TV waiting for the great machine power appliances, can do suikai with use, this is consistent with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, on the one hand and save a considerable power.
Smart socket core
How to run smart sockets, there are three major prerequisites, first, naturally the family’s total power needs to open, joking jokes, but also indisputable fact. In this most important prerequisite, small series that is the core of intelligent socket in the home network environment and perfect client support, are indispensable, if the lack of WIFI network, so many functions will not run, and if there is no perfect APP support, so the so-called intelligent management is out of the question, and operation this idea also and many intelligent hardware products are consistent.
Power and network are indispensable
Meet the above three conditions, then the smart socket will officially begin to use.

Online shopping switches, sockets need to be cautious

In the current era of digital, online shopping has become an important part of people’s home life. City residents living decoration although by way of online shopping for the material and furniture phenomenon is rare, but for the switch and socket and other small parts, online shopping has become the first choice of more and more owners. Although online shopping switches, sockets more money, but consumers must be careful choice.
In October 8th, Mr. Liu received a switch and socket from the Internet. After opening the package, he found that although the merchants were equipped with enough screws, they could not be used. Because the size and shape of the screws provided by the merchant are not matched with the socket and the wire box, the utility model can not play a fixed role on the socket. Fixed sockets need to buy self tapping screws, and self tapping screws are divided into black and white. It is better to use the surface after blackening, especially hard and easy to install.
Although the purchase of screws will not spend much money, but it will add to the owners a little trouble, and the general consumer will not be in order to several screws and shop owners to negotiate, can only think of bad luck. Therefore, consumers in the online shopping switch and socket must stay in mind, should not only care about the product of brand and quality, but also to deal with supporting screws and other small articles of agreement, to ensure that purchased product to normal installation and use.

Still using the white switch? The bull G19 metal switch makes the home cooler

To switch to buy, a lot of people used to put more attention on the material, safety, Jack design, but ignore the small switch products can also have aesthetic attributes, it can fly if the butterfly, sometimes like your son like elegant gorgeous, on the wall, deducing belong to 10 square centimeters wonderful. For people who love life, love of fashion, the details of the exquisite, sometimes even become the soul of the whole style of decoration.
G19 metal decoration series switch socket bull’s new, first attracted attention of the author is metallic luster its low-key luxury, the global trend of the smart color and agree without prior without previous consultation, today, we are in all-match bull G19 as an example, to completely Raiders tell you to buy home switch.
Bulls Electronics

Product Description: Bull G19 metal decorative series switch socket
Current guidance
Bull G19 metal trim series switch socket appearance evaluation
Bull G19 metal trim series switch socket material evaluation
Bull G19 metal decorative series humanized design evaluation
Safety performance evaluation of bull G19 metal decorative series switch sockets
Bull G19 metal trim series switch socket style recommended
Bull decorative switch G19 series socket evaluation summary
Product testing center: service consumers, consumers attention and renovation sectors need to provide the most objective, the most practical, the most valuable information, so as to guide consumers to effectively identify products, convenient consumption, enhance the ability to identify products; to build a bridge from the manufacturers and users, reduce the information asymmetry between consumers and firms; consumption the final trend to promote a new concept of environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon health etc..

Wenzhou indoor lighting switch products random inspection results exposure

From the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision official website was informed that recently, according to “people’s Republic of China product quality law”, “Zhejiang Province Product Quality Supervision Regulations” provisions of the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision organizations to carry out supervision and inspection of indoor lighting switch products.
The sampling of the Longwan District, the Development Zone, Ruian and Yueqing and other places, a total of 65 enterprises produced 65 batches of indoor lighting switch products, 9 batches of substandard, batch failure rate of 13.9%. The main unqualified products are “mark”, “terminal”, creepage distance, electric clearance and penetration sealant distance, “heat resistance”, “temperature rise” and “normal operation”, etc..
Consumer guide:
Consumers in the purchase of indoor lighting switch, should focus on the safety of products, in the purchase and use, we should grasp the following points:
Choose, choose regular shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores, choose brand products.
Two, look, whether the product signs are complete, see whether or not CCC certification mark.
Three check, in the home decoration need to buy a large amount, you should check the inspection department issued by the inspection report.
Four test, simple manual operation, continuous broken after the button and the backseat does not shift, do not bounce.
Five pay attention to observe the tightness of the terminal of the product, the product terminal of the quality clearance and the screws on the terminal are more closely connected, and are not easy to loosen.

Domestic sensor industry has developed well in recent years

In recent years, with the sensor industry will be further towards the production scale, specialization and automation development, and with the comprehensive application of the new technology and accelerate the development of a variety of new sensitive material, the development speed of our sensor industry rapidly, showing a good momentum of development.
The national standard GB7665-87 defines the sensor as: “a device or device that senses a prescribed amount of measurement and converts it into usable signals according to certain rules. It is usually composed of sensitive and converted components.””. The sensor is a detection device, can feel the measured information, and can detect the sensed information, according to the law must transform into electrical signals or other information in the form of output required to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements. It is the first step of automatic detection and automatic control.
At present, there is no uniform classification method for sensors, but there are three commonly used methods:
According to the physical quantity of the sensor, it can be divided into displacement, force, velocity, temperature, flow, gas composition and other sensors
According to the principle of the sensor classification, can be divided into resistors, capacitors, inductors, voltage, Holzer, photoelectric, grating, thermocouple and other sensors.
According to the nature of the output signal of the sensor, can be divided into: the output switch (“1” and “0” or “on” and “off”) of the switch type sensor output is digital sensor analog sensor output pulse or code.
The current sensor has a few varieties of products Chinese from the past extended to photosensitive, thermal, electrical, magnetic force sensitive, sensitive, sensitive gas sensors, Shi Min, ray, sound sensitive, sensitive, ion sensitive biological sensors and various sensors, transmitters, and two meter multi types, multi form products, and abroad. Development. The convergence of multi discipline and various high and new technologies has promoted the birth and development of the new generation of sensors. Especially with the rapid development of digital technology, semiconductor manufacturing technology and network multimedia system, image sensor is becoming a new highlight of the market competition. China has a certain technical basis for developing sensors, while the regional competitive advantage is obvious.
The release of “2015-2020 China sensor industry research and outlook depth prediction report” shows that China’s sensor industry in recent years fast development, the photosensitive sensor will be used as one of the industrial development of products, widely used in information, machinery, electronics and other fields, in 2014 the light sensor to reach annual production capacity of 450 million, the market the demand reached 250 million, indicating a photosensitive sensor has good prospects for development. At present, the main products of photosensitive sensors include photodetectors, photoelectric sensors, CCD image sensors, optical fiber sensors and so on.
With the development of sensor industry will be further towards the production scale, specialization and automation development, and with the comprehensive application of the new technology and accelerate the development of a variety of new sensitive material, our sensor industry in recent years, the rapid pace of development, showing a good momentum of development.

How do you choose the switch? Ten drawings to understand the switch and home matching skills

Switch and home match recommended, so choose switch on the right!

Some people say that if you hold the key in your hand, you will always walk into the door of your house.
We have, because we love people and love home goods, and only belongs to our corner, here, you can remove the guard, a feeling of purity, find a small indeed fortunate, enjoy life. Before you start this, you need to create a satisfying home environment that doesn’t have much room, but it’s definitely your favorite Style; it doesn’t have to be luxurious, but it must be a good match. In this space of emotional melting, touch and vision are equally important. Choose a suitable switch. Are you still far from life?
In 2017, Honeywell electric joint “decoration information” magazine, in particular Chinese support Building Decoration Association materials branch, to carry out research on switch socket used by the user, the research covers the one or two and three line of the city more than 2500 users, and for a variety of Home Furnishing decoration style of the user’s favorite, issued the “2017 switch and Home Furnishing collocation guide”. Here’s a look at the different styles of home, how to choose the switch?
The modern minimalist style makes the new home more pure
Reinforced concrete urban life, fast-paced and efficient pace of work, so that more and more users are eager for a simple and comfortable home space. Minimalist design brings “less is more” visual and imaginative space. Switch socket on the wall, like a wall decoration into the natural, extraordinary good, waiting for the opening.
Combination switch: Honeywell elegant series, elegant white switch
Users can match the colors and materials of the wall, such as PC, plastic, metal wire drawing materials, such as switches and sockets. Simple elegant design of Honeywell series of large panel is very suitable for modern minimalist style, light wall collocation of white or golden switch build soft warmth, dark walls choose silver or black switch to create cool feeling. Modern minimalist style also pay attention to functional design, home socket switch configuration also must be complete and easy to use, kitchen installation socket with switch, all kinds of kitchen appliances when not in use without frequent plug plug, just close the switch on the socket immediately cut off the power, use more safe and convenient.

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